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Cabela and Schmitt

January 19, 2024

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The Cabela & Schmitt Project, also known as Cabela & Schmitt, features the inspiring Rock trio which consists of Rich Cabela and Wayne Schmitt on guitar, and keyboards and Tom Schmitt complementing them with his distinctive bass guitar and keyboards.

Together, the artists have embarked on a musical journey that spans over four decades, creating a memorable soundscape that resonates deeply with life's unique faces and experiences.

For the artists, their music begins with scattered thoughts, random musings on existence, much like anyone else's. But then, Cabela & Schmitt Project's unique gift comes into play. These thoughts and feelings are transformed into melodies, the chaos turns into order, and words form verses.

More than just songwriting, the artists’ music is a means of channeling messages that they share with their audiences. Driven by a passion for making music, Cabela & Schmitt are pursuing their lifelong venture.

The most rewarding aspect of their music, however, is the continuous praise and feedback that they receive from fans, touched by the music in profound ways. Drawing inspiration from icons such as The Beatles and The Eagles, the trio aims to paint their own unique and riveting canvas of music.

Cabela and Schmitt Music has already been met with success. One of their standout tracks, "THIS IS MY LIFE," has made its mark by charting at 21 on the Spin Tracking System Hot 100 charts.

Another track, "YOU MAY NEVER KNOW," has garnered an impressive 989K streams on Spotify. Cabela & Schmitt Project continues to be set apart by the artists’ ability to transcend genres.

Their scintillating new single, "HONEY RIDE," is a delightful tale of a young couple's countryside adventure, while "DO YOU WANNA BELIEVE" explores the complexities of finding happiness amidst life's challenges.

Cabela & Schmitt Project have achieved a remarkable feat, amassing over 6 million streams on Spotify in 2022 alone. Stunning audiences with songs that are not just melodies but colored with layers of stories, emotions, and life itself, the artists are looking forward to producing more music, including exciting remixes and original tracks.

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