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Spud Davenport

January 19, 2024

10 out of 10 review from

Putting a happy face on bad times. That's the mission singer /songwriter /satirist Spud Davenport has been on for years. And Spud's 2023 album, Songs For The Cynical is a solid example of his tongue-in-cheek songwriting.

Songs for the Cynical more than anything highlights the strength of Davenport’s songwriting. It’s a cohesive set, but the songs are strong enough to also sound like 14 singles. Davenport takes the vocal lead on all except for the album’s closing track, with the key to the album’s listenability being its stylistic variety. He is an impressive tunesmith, through his use of counter melodies and harmonies, to the length of the tunes (most in the three-minute-plus range) and varied rhythms, you can tell Davenport put a lot of work into this album and it yields plenty of rewards. - Bart Mendoza / San Diego Troubadour magazine



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