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Hip Culture

January 19, 2024

10 out of 10 review from

HIP CULTURE has released the new track Time Machine. Opening with ethereal vocals over synthesizers, Time Machine pulls listeners into the clouds with a poppy sound and upbeat groove. While guitars, mandolins, and bass provide colorful intrigue to the song, it is the keyboards that give the tune its signature sound. Honing in on the wonderful potential of time travel, the lyrics take listeners on a ride through history on the eponymous time machine. The lyrics are sung with a bright tone that soars above the music. They immediately give a sense of wonder that is present through the entire tune. Overall, Time Machine by HIP CULTURE is a bright new pop tune that lights up with the wonder of time travel.
Strongest Point(s):
The lyrical content really pulls at the imagination and allows listeners to day dream for a few minutes. Coupled with the ethereal vocals and synths, they create a cool overall experience.

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